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How Tom the Tomato can help children with autism.

Here are 10 ways that Tom the Tomato can help children.

Tom the Tomato...

1. Shows children that they are not alone!

2. Helps children see that it's okay to think differently.

3. Reduces stigma and promotes acceptance towards children with autism.

4. Supports others to understand more about autism and challenges prejudices.

5. Encourages children to never (ever) give up!

6. Provides youngsters with a relatable character that they can readily identify with.

7. Highlights common experiences such as loneliness, rejection and feeling unwanted.

8. Encourages children to be themselves and recognises unique qualities such as perceptiveness.

9. Uses bright, engaging colours and simple facial expressions that are easy to understand.

10. Offers hope by showing that there is a place in the world for all of us.

23.03.2022. Copyright 2022 N. C. McIlraith

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