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Everyone wants to be accepted.

But the reality is that we live in a broken world and not everyone is accepting of one another.

Perhaps a good way to highlight this is to recall a time when you were rejected. You might reply, 'that's just life,' and that might be true but that doesn't make the sting any less painful, especially for those who feel continually rejected or unwanted.

Some people won't accept us because of the colour of our skin, the way we look, talk or dress and they may judge us because of our background, religion or because of the type of school we attend or the job we do.

An autistic person may struggle to feel accepted because of social challenges and might feel very isolated, even in a group of people.

Yet, while a person may not like us or agree with us, they can still be accepting and the individual can still choose to treat others as they would like to be treated; with dignity and respect.

After all, surely acceptance isn't about approval but about about accepting a person as they are without trying to change them.

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