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A tomato diagnosis...

For some, being diagnosed as a tomato can be overwhelming.

Especially if you have been taught that thinking like an apple is the norm.

And if you, as a tomato, compare yourself to an apple, you may feel quite miserable.

Especially if you focus on all the things that an apple can do and all all the things that a tomato cannot.

For example, an apple is well enjoyed as a mid morning snack but a tomato is not always as popular.

However, tomatoes can liven up a salad and contribute to a delicious soup on a cold, winter evening!

Imagine what a dull world it would be with only apples and no tomatoes, no bananas, no strawberries, no kiwi fruits, no oranges, no peaches, no pears, no plums, no passion fruits...

The fruit bowl would be far less richer without the variety tomatoes and other fruits bring.

So, if you are struggling to come to terms with your tomato diagnosis...

....remember that you are not a broken apple but rather, a whole tomato...

...and there is a place in the world for all of us!

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